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COVID Update: keeping our patients and staff safe

Dec 01, 2021

Radiology SA is committed to providing high quality medical imaging as well as providing a safe workplace and practice for our staff and patients. We are committed to continuing to provide care during times of COVID-19 in the community. RSA has complied with the SA Government mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers and encourages everyone in the community to seek vaccination for COVID-19. We will not discriminate against any patient (vaccinated or unvaccinated) seeking imaging services however based on a patient’s ...

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Our new Woodville Clinic is now open

Nov 02, 2021

Our Woodville Clinic is now officially open, providing the same quality service that you experience at all our other clinics.
This new location has free on-site parking. We are pleased to be able to increase patients access to quality medical imaging services in the Western Suburbs.

Radiology SA is excited to welcome our new Radiologist, Dr Silverton Buraundi

Oct 18, 2021

Dr Silverton Buraundi completed his medical degree at Deakin University in Geelong and pre-vocational training at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. He undertook his radiology training in Adelaide across multiple hospital sites and completed his fellowship in 2021. His areas of interest include breast and body imaging and image-guided interventional procedures.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Sept 19, 2021

September is Prostate Cancer awareness month. Do you know some of the symptoms of Prostate Cancer include: Trouble passing urine. Frequent urge to pass urine, especially at night. Weak or interrupted urine stream. Pain or burning when passing urine. Blood in the urine or semen. Painful ejaculation. Nagging pain in the back, hips, or pelvis. The Prostate cancer Foundation of Australia states that, “every 25 minutes, one of our fathers, sons, and brothers will hear the news he has prostate ...

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Radiology SA would like to welcome Dr Kerolos Hendy to the team

Aug 17, 2021

Dr Hendy completed his undergraduate degree in Medicine with Honours at James Cook University, Townsville, QLD. In 2014 he returned to Adelaide to undertake two years of pre-vocational training at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Dr Hendy completed his specialist radiologist training in Adelaide in 2021.

His areas of interest include musculoskeletal imaging, neuroradiology and imaging guided interventional procedures.

Body Composition Scanning at Parkside

Aug 03, 2021

Did you know we offer Body Composition scanning at our Parkside Clinic? This is a great way to measure fat, lean muscle and bone. DEXA is the gold standard in measuring body composition and is accurate to within 1%. It is significantly more accurate than Bodpod, underwater weighing, bioelectrical impedance and skin-fold (caliper) measurements. DEXA stands for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. DEXA body scans deliver a 3 component assessment which includes fat, lean muscle and bone. The scan also gives ...

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