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Radiology SA are keeping abreast of the latest developments as the Covid-19 pandemic evolves and maintaining a proactive attitude.

Our objective is to continue to support the community and medical profession with our quality medical imaging while maintaining the safest environment possible in accordance with relevant guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your clinics remaining open?

Yes, radiology SA will be maintaining our high quality imaging services, though some clinic hours may be adjusted to reflect demand, and to assist in providing a safe, clean environment. Our helpful staff will be happy to direct you to the most convenient location for your needs.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support as we adjust and adapt to the current challenges.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend for an appointment?

No, Radiology SA extends our care to all, regardless of vaccination status.

Can I attend the appointment with my partner/family member?

Please keep accompanying/support people to a minimum during your visit. We ask that only one other support person be in the ultrasound room during scans.

Please understand that there are still some restrictions that we must abide by to comply with government directions.

Can I have breast screening and other breast imaging at Radiology SA?

Radiology SA has an affiliation with BreastScreen SA, and can continue breast screening if you desire. There is however no medicare rebate for screening outside the normal BreastScreen SA program, and there will be an out of pocket expense.

Imaging for investigation of breast symptoms continues as usual.

What changes will I notice when booking and on arriving for my imaging?

At the time of booking you will be asked a series of questions pertinent to Covid-19 risk. This will be repeated when you present for you appointment. This will help us direct you to the most appropriate location.

Signs reminding you of the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 are posted on our clinic doors.

Both clients and staff will be requested to check in with a QR code.

Being a health care facility, face masks are mandatory (SA government) for clients and staff, unless holding a valid exemption.

You may be asked if you have had a Covid vaccination in the last 2 months. This can have implications for interpretation of examinations, particularly enlargement of glands, which can be caused by Covid vaccination.

What measures are you taking for patient safety?

We have implemented multiple strategies for maintaining a safe environment. These include -

  • Widely spaced seating to maintain social distancing
  • Floor markings as a reminder of social distancing
  • An empty waiting room policy to minimise exposure risk
  • Removal of toys and magazines to reduce transmission risk
  • Freely available sanitiser
  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces and examination areas
  • Minimising the number of friends and family in examination rooms
  • Practice guidelines for managing any potential Covid-19 cases
  • Practitioners can now refer on-line to minimise handling of documents
What are Radiology SA staff doing to reduce risk?

To minimise risk to staff, and by extension to our patients, we are embracing -

  • Frequent meetings by teleconference
  • Remote and home reporting
  • Reinforcement of personal hygiene practices
  • Support of staff vaccination
  • Ongoing staff education with frequent practice-wide updates
I'm concerned I may have Covid-19, what should I do?

If you have developed flu-like symptoms, such as a sore through, fever, cough, shortness of breath and fatigue, and have travelled recently or had a known exposure to a Covid-19 case, please seek support from one of the State's Covid-19 clinics.

If you are in a period of isolation please do not attend for your appointment at Radiology SA. If the matter is non-urgent you may be able to defer your appointment until after your isolation period, and you are cleared of Covid-19 infection. If more urgent please attend a major public hospital.

If you have further questions or concerns, the following links may be of assistance: