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Following the examination the images are immediately reviewed by a radiologist. If there are any findings requiring closer inspection additional views may be performed.

It is our usual practice a Radiology SA to "double-read" mammograms. This means a second radiologist reviews your images before the report is finalised. This provides an extra level of safety to minimise any risk of an abnormality being overlooked.

Booking your appointment

Please call our friendly staff on 8402 0200. You may request a site convenient to you, otherwise the booking staff can suggest your nearest location.

What to bring

  • Radiology referral
  • Medicare card
  • Healthcare/Concession card (if applicable)
  • Previous relevant imaging
  • Other relevant documents

Preparation for your study

Our staff will explain any relevant preparation with you over the phone at the time of the booking. The following preparation instructions are a reminder:

Do not wear talcum powder or deodorant on the day of your exam. Wear two-piece clothing (e.g. top and pants)

Time required

Most mammography studies require 30 minutes.

An additional 30 minutes will be required when an ultrasound is requested following the mammogram.

Please arrive at the time specified when you make your appointment.