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Inteleviewer Home/Office Installation

  • If you receive a security alert, select "Yes" to proceed.
  • This screen will be displayed:
  • Select "Download Inteleviewer" (with the appropriate 32 bit, 64 bit or Mac option).
  • Select "Run".
  • Select "Run" again.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions and all the default options – NEXT, NEXT, NEXT

If you already have Inteleviewer installed

  • Click your Inteleviewer icon to open the log in screen.
  • Click on "Edit Bookmarks"
  • Click "Add"
  • In the Server URL box type (but don't hit RETURN)
  • Click the "Use Custom Server Name" box and enter a name such as "Radiology SA PACS", or "RSA PACS"
  • Click OK
  • Move the new custom server name to the top of the list with the ‘Up’ key if you wish to make this your default
  • Close
  • Log in to Inteleviewer with your initial and surname (eg jsmith) and password
  • Accept if asked to install a software update

To change your password

  • In your internet browser type in the URL:
  • Select "Continue to this website" if there is a security warning
  • Log in with your initial and surname (eg jsmith) and password
  • Select "My Profile" on the left hand list of options for the password change.